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Apply for Private Finance to Buy a New Car

If you are tired of driving an old car, but do not have access to cash to buy a new one, you will need to apply for a car loan. Vehicle loans provide drivers with the opportunity to get the car they want, but it is not always been too convenient.


In the past, drivers would be limited to buying a car from a dealership if they wanted to do so with financial aid. That is a thing of the past. Now, with private finance readily available, you can finance a car from a private seller. This, of course, gives you a much wider choice.

Getting behind the wheel of a car you really want has never been easier. At BIB Finance, we make private finance for buying a car absolutely simple. Forget about the hassles and red tape often associated with loan applications. With our assistance, you can apply for your loan and have a quick turnaround time on the outcome of your application. We offer private-to-private finance. This makes it possible to buy and finance a car from a private seller. With the help of our professional consultants, you can apply for a loan and get the pre-approval that you need, so that you can shop for a car that is within your affordable price range. When using BIB Finance for your private financing needs, you can expect a professional and attentive service that brings you the ultimate in convenience.

In South Africa, private-to-private finance has been growing in popularity. This is because drivers have been seeking out more options to choose from when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Buying a privately sold vehicle offers a variety of benefits. For starters, with private finance, you can probably find the car you are looking for at a considerably lower price than what you would pay for it at a used car dealership. Some people fear to buy privately, as the process does potentially present a few risks. The vehicle being sold privately will not have undergone any professional testing and is therefore not necessarily certified as mechanically sound. It might end up being a “lemon”. There is also the risk of that the vehicle might be stolen, and how would you know that? This is the reason banks and other financial institutions have avoided providing loans for private purchases in the past. 

By applying for private finance with us, you can finally reap the rewards of private-to-private finance without any of the risks usually associated with private deals. We make the private buying process more secure. In fact, we ensure that both parties are protected throughout the process. How do we do this? We handle the entire private purchase process on your behalf. Once we know which vehicle you are interested in, we will ensure that we gather all the details on the car and facilitate the transaction from start to finish. Before the transaction is completed, we will check the vehicle’s VIN, engine number, and the vehicle license number. We check these against the eNaTIS system. Once all is confirmed in good order, we will process the transaction and ensure that you can take possession of the car. 

If you currently have a vehicle loan in place, we will arrange with the bank to settle the outstanding amount and then have a new loan secured. For the private individual, this process can be lengthy and confusing. With our help, all the frustration and wasted time are eliminated from the process. That is not where our service ends though. Thereafter, we will handle the licensing and registration of the vehicle in your name as well. For the buyer and seller, payment and transfer of ownership are guaranteed and safe. There is no paperwork for you to do or phone calls for you to make. We will do it all, helping you avoid all the stress that can sometimes be involved.

At BIB Finance, we welcome all those looking for financial assistance to buy a vehicle on a private-to-private basis with the assistance of our professional financial consultants. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements with us. Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will assist you with buying the car of your dreams.

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