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Nothing can quite compare to hitting the open road and heading to a brand-new spot – or an existing favourite – with gorgeous scenery along the way. If this is why you are interested in getting bike finance, do not worry, we understand!

We also understand it if the reason you are looking for bike finance is simply to purchase an economical form of transport to get you from A to B. Whether it is getting to and from college, work, or social gatherings, a motorbike can be a pleasing purchase, and one with which we can assist you. 

 If you are wondering if a motorbike is the right form of transport for you, here are some top reasons why we think it could be:

• Bikes are economical and can save you significant fuel costs. 
• Storage is made simple, as not too much space is required. 
• Insurance costs can often be lower than that of a car. 

 When shopping around for bike finance, it can be tough to find a financial solution that fits in with your lifestyle and affordability profile. It can also be quite disheartening if you find the bike of your dreams, only to discover that your finance options will not cover it in the end. By applying for bike finance with us, you can know what your options are up front and how much you can actually spend, before you start shopping around for a new bike. In this way, you can shop within your means, which is always the best way to shop for transport. 

Finance applications may have various negative connotations. People believe that it is a lengthy process. You might also have the expectation that it is plagued with red tape and the outcome is often disappointing. Sometimes, your finance might be approved, but for a lower amount than you had in mind. Take the guesswork and red tape out of the process by applying for finance with us. We make it a quick and easy process. We make the application form available to you online. Now that is convenience at its best. 

The legal requirements that have been put in place are there for your protection. It might seem frustrating, but it would be worse to find that you are unable to repay your loan and find yourself blacklisted. Our system is designed to help you understand what your realistic options are, and our success rate is fantastic. When applying for a loan online with BIB Finance, you will be requested to confirm that you are not under debt review, nor under debt counselling or sequestration, and that you authorise a credit check to be done on your name. The credit check provides lending institutions with an overview of how you manage your existing and current credit. The application will also require you to provide us with the amount you wish to borrow, description of the bike, including the make and model, and the details of the entity from whom you wish to purchase it. You also need to let us know if you are applying for a bike loan in your personal or business capacity. 

 BIB Finance’s business hours are from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:30. You can give us a call and chat to one of our lending consultants at any stage if you would like to find out more about our process and services. Our objective is to bring the lowest possible interests rates to you and to provide you with a loan that meets your needs. We work with all the major financial institutions and will do the legwork for you. It can be time-consuming to submit applications at multiple institutions. Our connections in the industry and our understanding of the process put you in a better position to be approved for a motorbike loan that you can afford. We represent MFC (Nedbank), ABSA, Standard Bank, and WesBank. For structured financial deals that suit your lifestyle, BIB Finance is the place to go. 

 If you would like to get more information and advice, or simply discuss your options, feel free to chat to us. Give us a call or send us an email for more useful advice and guidance on bike finance today.

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