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BIB Finance delivers solutions for car loans that easily fits your lifestyle and income. For more information on how we can help, please contact us. 


Easy Car Finance


When buying a personal means of transport, it usually involves looking at the affordability of the vehicle in question, first and foremost. Since so many South Africans rely on personal transport, the process of car finance is commonly left to the major financial-services providers. Vehicles are expensive to buy and very few people have the means to buy them cash. Therefore, they need assistance to set up a sensible structure of down payments to afford them. We can assist in applying for such a loan.


A vehicle used for private transportation would have to be able to meet your unique needs. Perhaps you want something that is comfortable, affordable, and has enough space for the number of passengers you typically intend to carry. Or, perhaps you can afford to just spoil yourself, in which case we move into the realm of leisure financing, where you wish to buy something for the enjoyment of it instead, like a motorbike or a caravan. Like a car, these are usually also too expensive to buy outright, meaning that you need a payment plan to pay them off as well.


Pursuing Your Dream


To most people, a car is nothing more than a means of transport. They are used to take the kids to school or commute to work, as opposed to being used as a toy or indulgence. If you are a petrolhead that loves power and can afford to buy something that will produce all the power you need, such as a sports car, BIB Finance can be of assistance. Our services include assisting you to apply for such a loan. We are associated with Absa, MFC, Standard Bank, and WesBank to ensure that you can get the best possible options to choose from.


Once approved, you have the freedom to walk into the dealership of your favourite brand and start browsing the showroom floor. By knowing how much you can afford to spend on a brand-new car, the finance arrangements are no longer a concern. Therefore, you are free to consider all options within your budget, so you can test drive and buy that dream vehicle that you always wanted. Now that the money is taken care of, the shopping process is a pleasure. Consider all the options in your price range and allow yourself to be surprised!


Sports cars are expensive, but you might be able to afford one and not even know it. Car finance for these vehicles might seem like a stretch but with professional assistance and guidance, you may very well be able to make the purchase of such a vehicle a possibility for yourself. Leisure purchases like bikes and caravans also require finance, because they can be just as expensive as cars. We can assist in this process to give you the option to own your dream car, bike, or caravan that fits within your budget.


BIB Finance delivers solutions for car loans that fit your lifestyle and income. For more information on how we can help, please contact us. Forget about the complex world of getting a loan for a leisure purchase and focus on the ideal ride for you instead, armed with your preapproved budget.