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We can deliver the options to finance a car and calculate your affordability, so you know your price bracket.

Getting the Best Rates to Finance A Car

When you want to buy a new car, the best way is to get finance from one of the major financial-services providers (FSPs) in South Africa. They provide the money for your purchase to pay the dealership. In turn, you settle the debt to the FSP to pay off your vehicle over a set amount of time. Monthly instalments are calculated based on various factors. The initial deposit and the size of the balloon payment at the end of the repayment period influence the instalment made to the FSP. Paying a sizeable deposit will always work to your benefit. We offer our services to find the best rates and secure your loan before you go shopping for your vehicle.

The motoring world is changing. New cars in South Africa are becoming more and more expensive. Hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) are slowly gaining ground to (eventually) phase out purely internal-combustion vehicles. EVs are still low-volume and expensive, as are hybrids. However, all the advanced technology thrown at petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles to clean up their emissions is making them more expensive as well. The bottom line is that new vehicles are not cheap. Therefore, getting the ideal finance option before buying a vehicle will give you a price bracket in which you can shop for the perfect car. Finance providers in South Africa include Absa, WesBank, MFC, and Standard Bank. We can obtain deals from all four for you to consider and compare.

What Are My Options?

Our solution to car finance will give you the option to secure a loan amount even before you go shopping. By securing your loan beforehand, you have the benefit of knowing exactly how much you can afford when looking at different vehicles. You know which vehicle you desire to drive, so prevent your hopes from being dashed when your financing application is rejected. Bakkies are very popular, along with people carriers and SUVs but cheaper options for these vehicles are becoming increasingly limited, especially for the working-class buyer. In the end, you must find a car that is affordable and functional, yet still appeals to you. We can deliver the finance options for such a purchase and calculate your affordability, so you know your price bracket.

We would all like to drive a sophisticated premium-brand vehicle. These cost a lot of money to buy new and is, therefore, seldom a practical option if you don’t have that much to spend. However, all banks finance used vehicles and many of the pre-owned models of premium brands are now within the reach of average salaried people. The risk is that a used vehicle of high sophistication, ill repute – or both! – could cost the earth to maintain later on. As such, it is important to ensure that your heart does not rule your head when you pick your next set of wheels. Shop around carefully, ask the motoring experts, and choose smartly. It is possible to bag that sensible buy that gives you peace of mind but is still rewarding to drive. And let us focus on the finance and affordability of the vehicle. With us on your side, you can secure the finance before shopping for a new vehicle.

If you can afford to buy a more expensive car, there are certainly a lot of options out there. We can assist in securing finance for such a purchase as well. Comparing different rates from the four FSPs will ensure that you can get the best rates on such a loan. As a result, you can secure the option that works best for you and to ensure that you can genuinely afford the vehicle. Simplify the way you approach buying a new vehicle by securing your loan ahead of time with our solutions.

BIB Finance is your solution when you want to buy a new car, caravan, or bike. We work closely with the four major FSPs to secure the best possible rates for these types of loans. The results are you, the buyer, being in full control of what you can afford. Buying smart is always the best call, so search with the heart but decide with the head. And choose us to finance your next purchase.