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Buying a new car is an exciting process and one to be enjoyed. People who are finding the process of buying cars stressful perhaps need the help of a professional finance team.


The idea of getting behind the wheel of a new car, breathing in that new-car smell, and thoroughly enjoying the smooth ride of a car that is so much more advanced than your old car, are all exciting experiences that you should enjoy as a reward for your hard work. Unfortunately, the finance for your new car might not be quite as exciting a process. For many people, finance for cars is a lengthy and ultimately disappointing endeavour. Imagine finding the perfect car and just not being able to afford it, as you cannot get the required financial aid. It would be most deflating and frustrating.

We take car finance seriously. We understand that you need affordable and readily accessible finance options and that is precisely what we try to offer our clients. We advise new car shoppers to apply for vehicle finance before they begin the shopping process. Being pre-approved for a loan amount will ensure that you can shop for a new car without being worried about what you can afford, as you will already know. Taking out a loan of any kind is something that should never be rushed into. You will need to shop around to find a loan that offers an affordable interest rate and you will need to ensure that you take the affordability assessment seriously.

What Supporting Documents are Required When You Apply for a Car Loan?

When applying for a loan, various documents are required to support your application. Make sure that you have your identity document, proof of income (payslips and bank statements) and driving license handy. During the loan application process, you will need to have a credit check carried out. This check will provide information on your current credit rating, how you handle your existing and past debt and accounts, and provide information on whether you are blacklisted, are under debt review, or have outstanding judgments against your name. This part of the process is vitally important, as it can be a deciding factor on whether you qualify for a loan or not, and what interest rate you are offered, if you are approved.

How BIB Finance can Assist You with Your Car Finance Options

Now that you know what to expect when applying for a loan, let us look at what BIB Finance can do to help you during the process. Of course, you do not want to waste time and effort applying for a loan with every financial institution and bank when you are shopping for a car. That can certainly waste a lot of your time and also add stress and strain as you wait for approvals. With the help of BIB Finance, you will apply for car finance once only. By supplying us with all of your personal particulars and supporting documents, we will ensure that the correct channels are followed with the right financial companies. We can provide you with comparative quotes from leading South African banks. We work in partnership with the likes of ABSA, MFC (a division of Nedbank), Standard Bank, and WesBank.

In addition to our finance for cars, we also offer other finance services. We can assist you with obtaining finance to buy a motorbike or boat too. If you want to cut back on your expenses without having to sell your car or vehicle, we can assist you with refinancing as well. We work with private individuals as well as with dealerships to ensure that we can offer our valuable services to a broad scope of people.

Apply for Car Finance with BIB Finance Today

If you would like to ensure that you can afford your next car with ease and that the shopping and loan application process is kept as smooth and hassle-free as possible, take the time to apply for vehicle finance with BIB Finance. Whether you are looking to buy a brand-new car from a dealership or a second-hand car from a private seller, we can assist. To get the process started, simply contact us via email or telephone today.

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