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Finance Your Bike Purchase Before You Go Shopping

BIB Finance is your solution to securing loans with a major FSP if you want to buy a bike or a car.


Bikes are fun to ride and the ideal means of transportation for many people. Scooters and small bikes are practical commuters and often used as light-delivery vehicles as well. With their tiny engines, these motorcycles are the most economical means of transport. However, if you want a more expensive motorcycle, you probably want a head-turner that can elevate your heartbeat by simply cranking the throttle. We offer finance that allows you to secure a loan before you go to the dealership and do your shopping.


Cars and motorcycles are expensive, so the middle class has no other choice than to seek aid from the major financial-services providers (FSPs) for finance to buy vehicles, bikes, and homes. We work closely with MFC, Absa, WesBank, and Standard Bank to give you the best possible options when applying for such a loan. By applying through us, we can deliver the most feasible options for your current financial situation. Unfortunately, finance cannot be provided for people who are blacklisted.


Securing Your Bike Loan


When you want to buy a bike, your first instinct is to find the model that fits your preferences. You proceed to find a dealership that sells it in the hope that you will get approval for a loan at the dealership. But if you are not approved for the loan, it is all for nothing. Therefore, we turn this process around by getting you approval even before you go to the dealership. As a result, you have the advantage of knowing exactly how much you can spend on your purchase.


By securing your finance with a major FSP before you buy the bike, you can make a purchase that suits your pocket and monthly budget. Therefore, you will not become over-indebted and can avoid having your motorcycle repossessed if you cannot make the payments. All that remains is for you to go to your nearest dealership and find the ideal motorcycle. Finance can be a real headache when buying a new vehicle but our services simplify the process and relieve you from worrying about it at the point of purchase.


Buying a bike can be more difficult than buying a car. There are more factors that influence the decision which motorcycle is right for you. All the types available have their functions as feasible options but if you want something that sets your heart racing, these can be quite expensive to buy – even more than a car. Cruisers, for example, are fun and laid-back but they can cost hundreds of thousands of rand. Dependent on your finance and preference, you can buy a motorcycle that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and your monthly income.


BIB Finance is your solution to securing loans with a major FSP if you want to buy a bike or a car. Our services allow you to secure such a loan before you go shopping. We can also assist in refinancing such a loan to reduce the monthly instalments. For more on how we can simplify this process for you, please peruse our website for details. Talk to us today.