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By getting your loan approved beforehand, you need not worry about vehicle finance when browsing the models at a dealership. 


Getting Vehicle Finance to Buy Your Dream Car

Buying a car is an exciting prospect, even if it is only a daily driver. However, buying your dream car is a completely different story. Vehicle finance is the biggest obstacle that South Africans face when buying cars. Apart from not having as big a choice as overseas buyers, we also face the challenge of high vehicle prices and limited buying power. Therefore, the second-hand market is thriving, as they offer more affordable options compared to new cars. However, we can be of service to secure your loan even before you go shopping for that new set of wheels.

Major financial service providers (FSPs) will approve your loan amount based on your monthly income. We are aligned with these FSPs to get you the best possible deals to suit your income. By taking care of the loan approval beforehand, you can turn your focus to buying a vehicle that caters to your needs. Whether it is a 2-door coupé or a family-friendly saloon, you need the loan approved to get the keys to your dream car. This is where we come in to make a difference in your shopping experience.

Care-Free Vehicle Shopping

People’s taste in cars differs, hence the wide variety of available types and models available. Since many South Africans rely on private transportation, it is pivotal to drive a car that caters to your needs. Even a basic small hatchback can be quite expensive when buying it brand-new. By getting your loan approved beforehand, you need not worry about vehicle finance when browsing the models at a dealership. Our services can provide that for you, giving you the freedom to shop for a car that you know you can afford.

With the vehicle finance out of the way, the focus returns to enjoying your shopping experience. Cars come in a variety of designs and layouts to suit specific needs. For basic daily transportation, regular hatchbacks are light on fuel and practical. If you want something more exciting, some people prefer the performance versions of these hatchbacks for a little more oomph when you put your foot down. However, more covetable still is a sleek 2-door sports car.

South Africans love their mid-sized premium-brand luxury saloons too. The market is awash with a surfeit of these cars. If you are looking for a vehicle that will excite you and get the adrenaline pumping, these premium brands can deliver that for you. Their performance and motorsport divisions bolster their image and they combine high performance and luxury to result in an enjoyable experience for any driver. However, loan approval will dictate what you can afford. With us on your side, you can carry this knowledge into the dealership and have the freedom to focus on getting your dream car.

BIB Finance is your first choice regarding vehicle, motorbike, and leisure finance before you go shopping for your dream machine. For more information on how we can assist in getting you approved for a loan, please contact us with your enquiries today. With us, you can experience the freedom of shopping for your dream car without having to worry about the money.