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You should not settle for the very first loan that is offered to you. You need to learn more about the loan, what it will cost you, and how you are expected to repay it.


The details are very important. Everyone wants to get the best vehicle finance deal that they can. Unfortunately, banks and financial lending institutions do not make it easy for applicants these days. Taking out a loan can be hard work. The process can be plagued with red tape such as paperwork, affordability assessments, credit checks, and more. The loan amount being offered is often too small, or the interest rate attached is ridiculously high. Obtaining a good finance deal is a fine art. At BIB Finance, we believe that we have perfected this art.

We facilitate vehicle loans professionally. With our help, you can get the best vehicle finance deal for your budget and lifestyle. That is because we take your current financial situation into consideration and ensure that you will be able to repay the loan. It would not be any fun if you obtain a “quick and easy loan”, only to realise that you cannot actually afford the monthly repayments. At BIB Finance, we will help you to secure the right loan.

We work with all major banks and institutions, including Nedbank (MFC), Absa, Standard Bank, and WesBank. We can negotiate deals with the various banks and present you with the best offers. With our vehicle finance deals, you can purchase a vehicle from a dealership (new - or second hand) or you can buy from a private seller. This of course, means that you have more options when trying to choose the right vehicle for you.

All loan applications are handled quickly without compromising on the finer details. You will need to provide all the standard paperwork required for a loan application such as your ID, pay slips, bank statements, and similar documents. We pride ourselves on having a confidential, secure, and reliable financing solution for our clients. We treat each and every loan application with discretion and meticulous care.

If you want to get the best vehicle finance deal available, do not waste any time. Get in touch with us via email or telephone and we will provide you with a wealth of professional advice, guidance, and assistance with your loan application.

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