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If you want to buy a new motorcycle, our solutions can assist you to secure finance with a major financial-services provider (FSP) in South Africa.


Motorcycles are an alternative mode of transport for many South Africans. Scooters have excellent fuel consumption and are ideal for commuting and deliveries. Finance for bikes is easier to secure for more people based on their income, because bikes are, on average, cheaper than cars. If you want to buy a new motorcycle, our solutions can assist you to secure finance with a major financial-services provider (FSP) in South Africa.

These FSPs include Absa, WesBank, MFC (a division of Nedbank), and Standard Bank. By securing a loan before you go shopping for a new bike, you are in control of your purchase. This will provide you with your budget, so you can put your focus on finding the bike in that price range without fear of having your application rejected due to affordability concerns. Therefore, you make a smart purchase because you know that you can afford your bike.

Getting Smart About Your Purchase

The first part of a smart purchase is to secure the finance for it. By counting the eggs in the basket as opposed to guessing how many there are, you have the necessary knowledge and confidence about your affordability profile when you make your final purchase. Motorcycles are typically cheaper than cars, giving you a wider variety of models to choose from. Therefore, when securing your loan with us, you have a price bracket in which you can shop for your ideal bike. The next step is to determine which type of bike will suit your preferences.

Street bikes are fast and offer strong acceleration – perhaps more than the average person needs or can safely deploy. However, they give an experienced rider more satisfaction. These motorcycles can be quite expensive, with various engine sizes and configurations available. Superbikes require even more from the rider in terms of control, riding skills, and, notably, finance. However, if you want to experience the acceleration only such a bike can provide, a superbike is the best choice for the open road. Just be sure to ride responsibly. When you want to take your bike onto the gravel, scramblers are the ideal choice.

The final step of a smart purchase is to weigh your options against each other. Our solutions deliver fair comparisons on motorcycle finance rates from the four major FSPs in South Africa. As a result, you can choose the best option that fits your income and financial position. By applying this principle to your available choices of bikes, you can make an informed decision based on what will work best for you. Therefore, your purchase will result in the best possible bike that you can get for the amount you can afford.

BIB Finance is your first choice when you want to buy a car, motorcycle, or caravan. Our solutions will give you excellent rates from the FSPs to ensure that you can secure your loan beforehand. For more details on how we can assist you, please browse our website. Be smart about your vehicle purchases in the future by securing a loan before you go shopping.