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Get Leisure Finance and Buy That Boat, Off-Road Bike You Have Always Wanted

When people think about finance, they often think that it is mostly for purchasing a car or a business asset, but you can acquire finance for many other things as well.


Leisure items, for one, are often overlooked. What if you want to buy a boat, off-road motorbike, a jet ski, or even a golf cart? All of these items are intended for leisure use and that is where leisure finance comes in.

Leisure finance is a great way to afford those holiday or fun “toys” you have always wanted without breaking the bank. Many people fear to apply for a loan to buy leisure items in case it is denied, but there is no reason; financing a leisure item works much the same as financing a regular car or applying for any other normal loan. You will need to meet specific requirements in terms of affordability and credit checks, but the rest of the process is fairly similar to other loans’. If you have a good credit record, pass the affordability assessment, and are receiving a monthly income, you should qualify for a loan.

At BIB Finance, we ensure that leisure finance deals are structured to suit your lifestyle (and budget) and that the item you are buying is correctly valued. One of the biggest pitfalls of leisure finance in the past used to be that consumers would often acquire a loan to purchase a leisure item, only to find that the after-sales service and maintenance backup are unsatisfactory or non-existent. This is, of course, problematic if you have a leisure item you are paying off that runs into problems before the loan period is up.

The BIB Finance loan application process is quick, easy, and convenient. We allow our applicants to complete their application online so that we can get the process started as quickly as possible. Our first step is to appraise the deal and the item on offer. We make sure that the dealer you are buying from offers legitimate after-sales support and that the brand and model of leisure item you are buying also comes with the relevant after-sales support. If all is in order and we feel that the value of the item is accurate, we will facilitate leisure finance with one of the many leading banks and financial institutions that we deal with. These include the likes of Absa, MFC (a division of Nedbank), WesBank, and Standard Bank. With long-standing relationships with all these banks, we are able to negotiate competitive deals for our clients.

Once this is done, we will present the best finance offers to you for your consideration and, upon acceptance of any of them, we can then validate the contract between all parties and ensure that the leisure item is delivered (or made available for collection, if you prefer). The process is kept simple with the help of our team and while we cannot make guarantees that you will qualify for the loan you want, we can promise a quick turnaround time on applications, so that you will know which banks are willing to assist you, without having to wait around.

What You Need to Do

The first step to acquiring leisure finance with BIB Finance is to apply online. One of our consultants will be in touch with you to discuss the details of your intended purchase and the deal. You will be able to upload all of your supporting documentation online so there is no need to drive anywhere or even send a fax. The invoice is acquired from the dealership or seller and once the contract is signed, the item is paid for and delivered to you. You will now need to pay your monthly instalments to BIB Finance.

Obtain Leisure Finance from BIB Finance Today

If you are tired of wasting time looking for the finance you need with a variety of banks and lending companies, stop! The BIB Finance team can secure the most competitive loan deals from leading financial service providers. By applying just once, you can be furnished with loan options with all major banks. Simply apply, send us an email, or give us a call to get the process started.

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