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How Motor Vehicle Finance Works at BIB Finance

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding the car that you want, but being unable to get finance for the full amount. Even worse is finding the right car and being unable to get any finance to buy it at all. Motor vehicle finance can be a frustrating at best and soul-destroying at worst.


With banks and various financial lending institutions becoming stricter in their approach, it might seem like only the well-heeled can afford to get financial assistance. However, this does not have to be the case. What you need to do before you start shopping for a car, is make a few wise choices regarding your finances.

Not every loan institution is going to jump at the opportunity to provide you with financing. In many instances, car dealerships will be able to assist you with obtaining a loan from their various preferred finance houses. Often this can lead to more disappointment as you might feel forced to accept the first loan application that gets approval and you might not be happy with the interest rate. This is where most people make a mistake. They simply accept the loan on offer because they believe that they have no other options, when in reality they do. If you are looking for an alternative to a bank loan or a loan that you cannot afford, come to BIB Finance and you will be pleasantly surprised when you learn more about the way we do motor vehicle finance.

Our financial aid is aimed at truly catering to the needs of the client. This means that our finance is provided in a simple way and tailored to your requirements. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your loan before you even visit any dealerships. You can apply online or reach us via email or telephone. Applying for your loan prior to going vehicle shopping has a number of advantages.

First and foremost, you will know straight off the bat if you are able to get finance or not. Nothing could be more embarrassing than going through all the paperwork at a dealership, only to find that your credit rating is not in order or you are blacklisted and did not even know it. Once you have made contact with us, we can advise you if you qualify for a loan and also on how much you can borrow. Now you can shop with the peace of mind that vehicle finance is available to you and you can also shop within a price range that you can easily afford. It certainly makes things simpler and eliminates a great deal of stress from the situation.

Another benefit of approaching us for motor vehicle finance is that we are not shackled to the norms when it comes to financing car purchases. To this end, we also offer private-to-private finance for those who would like to buy a car from a private seller. In this instance, we will handle everything relating to the deal. All the paperwork, arrangements, and checks on the car will be done for you and you can rest assured that you are not buying a stolen or Code 3 vehicle.

We always have the best interests of our customers at heart. We believe the lowest possible interest rate is a basic right for our customers and we will not take forever and a day to finalise your deal or get back to you. Our work ethic is solid and we will ensure that you are assisted promptly and with a friendly yet professional approach, every time you do business with us.

If you are worried about where your finance will come from and the terms and conditions that might be attached, don’t be. We represent all major financial service providers operating in South Africa, including Nedbank (MFC), WesBank, ABSA, and Standard Bank. Whether you are buying a new car for business or leisure purposes, we will ensure that you are assisted with the financial aspect efficiently.

For more information and advice on how to acquire motor vehicle finance via BIB Finance, kindly contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience. We cannot wait to get you behind the wheel and on the road in the car of your choice!

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