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Want to Buy Your Next Car from a Private Seller? Be Informed About Private Car Finance

Buying a new car can be challenging and in many instances, you can save quite a bit if you opt to buy a car from a private seller. There is more leeway for negotiation and the buyer will not be quite as inclined as a dealership to add a hefty profit margin.

You might also be able to gather more in-depth information regarding the car’s history from the private owner than a dealership might be willing to divulge and this can be quite important if you want to speak directly with the owner about how it has been used, and if any flaws have presented themselves during the time of ownership. The challenging part comes in when you need finance to buy such a car. It is sometimes tricky to acquire private car finance, but it is certainly not impossible, especially if you have the services of a financial professional such as those at BIB Finance on your side. 

Private car finance is something that can be achieved through the right channels and we are happy to assist you. We will act as the go-to guys for the entire process from start to finish. The main thing to be done is ensure that the vehicle you are purchasing privately is not a lemon. A “lemon” in the automobile industry is a second-hand car (it can sometimes be new too) that displays a variety of manufacturing or mechanical defects that will have a detrimental effect on the vehicle’s quality, reliability, comfort, and, inevitably, its value. 

It is unfortunate, but there are private sellers our there that will conceal a vehicle’s defects just for the sake of the sale, so the vehicle needs to be checked and assessed. Once the vehicle is assessed by the financing company’s preferred service provider, the paperwork of the vehicle need to be checked as well, to ensure that it has not been stolen or involved in any serious accidents. Our team will carry out a comprehensive check on the vehicle license, VIN number, and engine number. The check is done on the eNatis (electronic national administration traffic information system) database, which is the office registrar for all vehicle and driving license contraventions, and accident data in South Africa. 

It is always a pleasant experience to have all this red tape handled on your behalf and we find that this part of our service is greatly appreciated by many of our customers. You can expect for our consultants to be very thorough in their approach to your transaction. We know that we are experts in the field, but we do not expect you to be as well, so feel free to ask any questions that you might have regarding the purchase of the vehicle and what you could expect during the proceedings. The next step for us is all about providing our customers with a convenient service. Once everything is in order and you have been cleared by the bank for your car purchase, we will go the extra mile and ensure that your vehicle is licensed and registered on your behalf. That is a great way to save time and speed up the process. 

Our service is not just attractive for those looking to buy a car privately, but also to the seller, as the amount agreed upon is guaranteed to be paid over. You will find that our team is professional and impartial in our approach to every transaction that we manage. We work with all major banks and financial institutions to get the best possible deal for all parties, regardless of what service we are providing. We know that service fees and interest rates are areas of concern for buyers, and that is why we work with ABSA, MFC, Standard Bank, and WesBank, which are industry leaders that can provide you with an affordable deal that suits your budget. 

BIB Finance is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are provided with a prompt and professional service. We will not keep you waiting, as we know the nature of buying and selling cars. If you find a car that is perfect for you and you need financial assistance with the transaction, look no further, because we are available to you. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more information. 
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