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How to Acquire Private Car Finance in Gauteng

When buying a new car, the stress of financing can hinder the entire process. What if you cannot get the money together for the new car, or what if you are rejected when you apply for a car loan?


These are bound to be questions weighing on your mind. The entire process can be a major stress if you are not entirely sure of your finance options, but it does not have to be.

Vehicle financing has come a long way over the years and it is with delight that we inform all private car buyers that there is a simple solution to the car buying woes. Private car finance in Gauteng is fast becoming popular and that is probably because buyers get more variety to choose from and can benefit from lower car prices. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to arrange private car finance, rest assured that it is now very possible. While some financial institutions hesitate to process such finance agreements, at BIB Finance, we don’t! Private-to-private car finance forms part of our menu of services and if you are currently shopping around for a new car, there is every reason to get in touch with us so that you can learn more about your options and the process involved.

It is Time to Buy a New Car!

When the time comes to buy a new car, there is not much that you can do but to shop around. Perhaps your old vehicle has broken down or you have been in an accident. Whatever the reason may be, limited finance options can make the entire process of car shopping a major frustration, especially if you are shopping on a budget. By opting to do business with BIB Finance, you will benefit from the advantage of dealing with a finance company that truly puts you, your needs and your budget first.

Your next car does not have to be something that you compromise on. With private car finance in Gauteng, you can shop around online, in the local newspaper, and even on the community notice boards. The scope becomes far greater and the red tape involved in the process can be kept to a minimum.

How Our Private Car Finance Works

At BIB Finance, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can make secure purchases. Our aim is to protect both the buyer and seller, and we do this by handling the entire process personally. There is no need for you to handle paperwork, administration, or lengthy calls. We will do it all for you and ensure that you don’t end up buying a lemon! The first step in the process is to let us know which vehicle you are interested in buying. From here on, we will do all the legwork by asking questions and gathering information on the vehicle. We will also get the transaction started.

When we assist with the finances, we will need to take a look at your current situation. We will also need to ensure that a variety of checks on the vehicle are meticulously carried out. These checks include confirming the VIN number, the engine number and authenticity of the vehicle’s current license. We check this using the eNaTIS system. Once all is confirmed, the finance deal can be secured, and the vehicle can be paid for.

We don’t stop here though. We see the entire process through by registering the vehicle in the name of the buyer. We will also license the vehicle, as well as organise that the new plates are provided. With the help of BIB Finance, buying a car privately couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

Discuss Your Private Car Finance Needs with BIB Finance

When you need private car finance in Gauteng, BIB Finance should be on the very top of your list of financial service providers. Our company is one that’s dedicated to facilitating the sale and purchase of vehicles between private individuals and we have many years of experience to back us. If you would like to learn more about the process of private car finance, simply contact us via email or simply call us today.

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