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Arranging private finance for cars may prove more challenging than expected. Most financial institutions and banks make you jump through many hoops before they will authorise finance for buying a private car.


For many, this has limited their options, forcing them to buy an overpriced car at a dealership.

That does not mean that you cannot get private finance for cars that are not sold by dealerships. It means that you need some assistance. At BIB Finance, we offer private finance for cars through major banks and lending institutions. We liaise with the banks and do all the legwork to ensure that the vehicle is legitimate, mechanically sound, and a sound purchase for you and the bank financing it. In fact, car finance has never been easier to get than with BIB Finance!

If you are looking for a few reasons why buying a privately sold vehicle is a better idea than only shopping at dealerships, here they are:

  • Privately sold vehicles are generally cheaper than second-hand vehicles sold at dealerships.
  • Private sellers are often easier to negotiate with than dealerships. In most instances, a private sale leaves more scope for negotiation.
  • Buying the car from the original owner ensures that you have access to more information about the car’s history.
  • There is less pressure involved in the buying process when you deal with a private seller. There are no sales agents and onlookers watching the transaction in progress and no need to worry about an aggressive car sales representative pushing you for a sale.

While buying a car from a private seller will ensure a decent price and a little extra information on the history of the vehicle, buyers should still be careful of scams and their personal safety. If the deal seems too good to be true, make sure that it is not a scam to get rid of the vehicle quickly. With the help of BIB Finance, all checks into the vehicle’s VIN and engine numbers will be done for you, to ensure that you are not buying a stolen vehicle.

Private finance for cars provided by BIB Finance is structured according to your lifestyle and budget. This means that you can get the right loan for your current financial position. One of the greatest advantages to acquiring car finance with us is that everything can be done from the comfort of your home. We will bring the car loan offers to you.

To learn more about private finance for cars that are sold privately, take the time chat with us. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more information and advice today.

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