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BIB Asset Vehicle Finance is your solution when you want to buy a leisure asset in the form of a car, bike, or caravan. Contact us to get you started.

Securing Asset Finance Options with Ease

When you want to buy a leisure asset such as a car, fast bike, or luxury caravan, it can be a difficult process to secure a finance solution. We work with four major financial-services providers (FSPs) in South Africa that can assist in such a matter. These are Absa, WesBank, MFC (a division of Nedbank), and Standard Bank. When buying a daily driver, the amount that is loaned to you is not high in comparison to buying a luxury saloon. Therefore, the accompanying rates will differ. As a result, if you want to spend a big chunk of money on a leisure purchase, you must ensure that you can secure asset finance that will give you the best possible rates. This is where we can assist you.

Commonly, you would go to a dealership of your choice and shop for the car, bike, or caravan that you really want. Although you have a good idea of what you can afford, you haven’t secured a finance option yet. Such a problem can lead to being stuck with an interest rate that simply won’t work for you. Should the monthly instalments be too much to handle, the FSP that approved your loan can repossess your newly bought asset. We offer solutions to avoid such matters and give you a way to refinance your loan. Such a process will decrease your monthly instalments to make them more manageable. Today, we will discuss how our solutions can work to your benefit when you want to buy a car, bike, or caravan.

Asset-Financing and Refinancing Solutions

When choosing us, you can apply for a loan to be approved before you go to a dealership. We will forward your details to the major FSPs to ensure that you can secure the best possible option for your current financial position. Buying an expensive asset can turn into a headache when having to deal with a bank on your own. By choosing our solutions, you can simply browse through your available options and choose which one will accommodate you in the best possible way, moving forward. The upside is that you can secure your loan beforehand, giving you the freedom to shop to your heart’s content. Many people are unaware of how much they can spend on such a purchase, which commonly leads to overspending and excessive monthly payments, which could lead to the repossession of such an asset.

Your finance solution should be simple and easy. By getting approved beforehand, you have the knowledge of how much you can afford on such a purchase, the size of the monthly instalments, and the interest rate of the loan. Therefore, you can be a smart shopper when buying a leisure asset. You will also avoid the disappointment of not being approved for such a loan when you have already made up your mind on a specific car, bike, or caravan. In some cases, monthly instalments on such purchases can become too much to handle. This may be the case when you find yourself between jobs or with a lower income in comparison to what you had when your finance solution was approved. Therefore, we also offer refinancing solutions.

By refinancing an asset, your current loan period will be extended to reduce the monthly instalment to a more manageable amount. Although it will take longer to settle the loan, you can avoid the dreaded repossession of your asset. The upside is that you will have fewer worries when keeping up with your monthly payments. This will give you the necessary breathing room to ensure that you can keep up those payments as well. With us on your side, you can experience freedom when buying a leisure asset. By securing the best possible loan option beforehand, you will not fall into the trap of overspending on your purchase. You will also know what monthly payments to expect and the associated interest rate. Should the payments become too much to handle, we can assist in extending the loan period and reducing those monthly payments.

BIB Finance is your solution when you want to buy a leisure asset in the form of a car, bike, or caravan. Since we are aligned with the major FSPs in South Africa, we cannot find finance solutions for those who are blacklisted. For more information on how we can help, browse our website.