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BIB Finance is your first choice when you want to secure a loan for buying a new motorcycle, car, or caravan. For more information, please get in contact with us.


Make Motorcycle Financing Simple for Your Next Purchase

Owning and riding a motorcycle is a completely different experience to owning and driving a car. However, the financing behind such a purchase is very similar to what you can expect when buying a car. Money is the biggest obstacle that South Africans face when making such a purchase. By taking the average price of vehicles into account and measuring it up against the average income of the working class in South Africa, vehicles are often unaffordable without the assistance of a major financial-services provider (FSP). This is where our services come into play.

Another problem that arises when you want to buy a motorcycle is that you only have a vague idea of how much you can afford to spend on such a purchase. Usually, financing is taken care of after you have decided which bike you want. This can lead to overspending on such a purchase or rejection based on your current monthly income. To avoid these frustrating scenarios, we offer a financing solution that will secure your loan beforehand. We can also assist when the monthly instalments become too much to handle.

Taking the Financial Load Off the Buyer

If you want to purchase a motorcycle, there will always be certain determining factors that will limit your options. The first of those hurdles is securing a financing option that will work for you. We work with four major FSPs in South Africa to ensure that you get the best possible options to choose from. These options will be based on your current monthly income, among other factors. Therefore, if you are blacklisted, we cannot be of assistance. Otherwise, you can enjoy the freedom of having already secured your loan before heading to the dealership and browsing for that perfect bike.

By securing your loan in this manner, you will make a smart decision when buying a motorcycle. You will be aware of how much you can afford and you will be able to choose the perfect bike within your financial bracket. While we’re doing the admin stuff, you can put your energy into the purchase and decide which type of bike you want. Bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From basic scooters to very powerful and expensive superbikes, you have a plethora of options if you love to ride these exciting two-wheeled machines.

When life kicks you in the teeth, monthly payments can become very difficult. Therefore, we also offer refinancing options to serve as a feasible solution to avoid repossession of your motorcycle. This option will extend your current loan period to reduce monthly instalments. The result is more manageable monthly amounts to ensure that you can keep the payments going. In conclusion, we can deliver the solutions to relieve you from financial worries when buying a new bike and keeping up with its monthly payments.

BIB Finance is your first choice when you want to secure a loan for buying a new motorcycle, car, or caravan. For more information on how we can assist, please browse our website for details on our financing solutions. Choose us today and experience the freedom that you deserve when you want to buy a new asset.