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Simplifying the Process of Securing A Vehicle Finance

Whatever you choose, our finance services is the smart move when you want to buy a car, regardless of which make or model you opt for.


Vehicle finance is the usual way to buy a car in South Africa. With the prices of new and used cars only going up, even on models that are locally manufactured and assembled, it is becoming virtually impossible for the middle class to buy a car cash. Therefore, we turn to the major financial-services providers (FSPs) to secure finance when we want to buy a vehicle. This process can be very frustrating on your own or through a dealership, so we offer our services to assist you to secure such finance with a major FSP, even before you go shopping for a car.


Most people are unsure of how much they can afford to spend on a car. As a result, people are getting in over their heads and their vehicles end up being repossessed by the FSPs and auctioned off to the highest bidder to recoup the losses. To avoid this, apply for a loan through us. We work closely with MFC, Absa, Standard Bank, and WesBank to find and secure competitive finance, considering your current financial status. As a result, you can make a smart choice when browsing for a vehicle that you want to buy. Factors such as your credit score will also determine the outcome of such an application and if you are blacklisted, you will, unfortunately, be turned down.


Getting Smart About Your Finances


When buying a vehicle that you have to pay off in instalments, you need the financial assistance of an FSP. Your current monthly income and expenses determine the amount you are approved for. When applying through us, we take this information and find the best options from the various FSPs to ensure that you can secure finance that fits your pocket. Now, you can go about buying a vehicle the smart way as opposed to trying to calculate on the fly how much you can afford and hoping that you will get approved for that amount.


By knowing the price bracket in which you can shop, your shopping experience is simple and hassle-free. The only thing that you have to worry about is finding the right vehicle to purchase. While the interest in sedans is waning, hatchbacks and entry-level city cars remain popular. Lately, the crossover and SUV craze brought about a shift in buying patterns as well. Whatever you choose, our finance services is the smart move when you want to buy a car, regardless of which make or model you opt for.


We also offer vehicle refinance options that can reduce your monthly premium to avoid repossession of your car. This option can give you the necessary financial breathing space to honour all your monthly expenses. The only drawback is that the term over which you settle the loan will be extended to match the lower instalment. The upside is that your loan will become more affordable, which makes it easier to pay the instalments and avoid losing your car. So, for more information on how we can assist you in these matters, please browse our website for details and contact us today.