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BIB Finance is your answer if you want to finance the bike of your dreams. We offer solutions that secure vehicle loans with all the major FSPs beforehand.


Getting Finance for Your Dream Bike


In South Africa, the exchange rate dictates the cost of our imported goods. As a result, people on regular salaries cannot usually buy cars and bikes cash unless they have saved up for a long time. Therefore, major financial service providers (FSPs) offer a solution that allows us to buy our daily drivers. The solution is simple and entails going through a process of approval before getting a loan for the amount that you want to spend on a new car or bike. In return, you pay back the loan to FSP over a set period, at a specified interest rate that will result in a monthly payment.


Bikes are usually cheaper than cars but the top-of-the-range models can still cost hundreds of thousands of rand. They are typically lighter on fuel than cars as well. However, they have their own drawbacks. Cars offer more seating, are safer, and are weather-proof. These are determining factors when considering buying a motorcycle rather than a car. Either way, we can finance it and enhance your shopping experience, relieving the stress of not being approved at the dealership.


Smart Solutions


Buying your dream bike starts with ensuring that you can afford it. Buying a brand-new motorcycle cash is only an option for those with enough of it. Therefore, we turn to FSPs to provide finance to allow us to acquire the motorcycle we want. Our solutions can secure you a loan before you go shopping for your dream motorcycle. Based on your credit score and current income, we can assist in securing you a loan beforehand. This will give you a price bracket that you can afford, ensuring that you enjoy your shopping experience, free of financial worries.


Now that your loan is secured, the next step would be to find an ideal bike that suits your needs. Scramblers are off-road machines ideal for backroad blasting on gravel roads. They are a leisure expense, giving you a toy to conquer the off-road scene over weekends. Street sports bikes are designed for tarmac surfaces. They have a lot of power and can double as daily commuting transport within the city and urban areas. Although these machines are quite powerful, they are no match for superbikes.


Superbikes are a leisure expense as well and we can also help you secure finance for them. These motorcycles are extremely powerful and best suited to the racetrack. If you are a wild child at heart, this type of motorcycle is right up your alley and can provide a lot of enjoyment in a safe, controlled environment. We can ensure that your loan is secured before you walk into the dealership to buy your motorcycle. Therefore, you will know what you can afford and buy accordingly to avoid disappointment.


BIB Finance is your answer if you want to buy the bike of your dreams. We offer solutions that secure vehicle loans with all the major FSPs beforehand. For more information on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details. Choose us today and let your dreams come true with sound financing solutions when you want to buy a new car or motorcycle.