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Our experience in the field of motorbike finance comes from years of active involvement in the industry. Therefore, we can offer you a refreshingly efficient experience.


Financing Your Dream Bike


Many South Africans commute using their own personal transport. Many people just want a small and economical little city car, while others prefer a luxury saloon, crossover, or SUV. Then there is the adventurous thrill-seeking group of people who want something more than just a regular vehicle. They want something with two wheels that is powerful, enjoyable, and fun to ride. No matter the preference, you need financing before you can buy a brand-new car or motorbike. If you are looking for something exotic, BIB Finance can provide solutions to ensure that you can get pre-approved even before starting to shop.


The world of financing revolves around financial service providers. In terms of vehicle financing, they include Absa, MFC, Standard Bank, and WesBank. With us to help you, you can get several financing pre-approval before you buy, so you will know exactly how much money you can spend on a new car or motorbike. When you know how big a loan you will be approved for, you can make a realistic and sensible decision when buying a vehicle. Today, we will focus on the benefits of getting approval before shopping for your dream bike.


Knowing Your Financials


Most people have a specific car or motorbike in mind. In the case of the latter, it is often intended for leisure use only, rather than being daily transport or a means to commute to work. Our financing solutions are designed for those who dream big and want to make their dreams a reality. If you yearn for a motorbike and have no idea where to begin, we should be your first port of call. Financing is always the determining factor in such a purchase. By sorting out your approval before starting to browse for a bike, you can stay within your budget.


Some people tend to overextend themselves financially with leisure purchases. Our solutions will keep your expectations realistic, as you will know how much money you can spend. Exotic motorbikes are fun and exciting but they can be very expensive. This is where the financing part comes in. We can assess your financial position and assist you to apply for a loan. Once approved, we can secure financing options to give you the knowledge and peace of mind that it is taken care of beforehand. Therefore, you will know if you can afford your favourite bike before going to the showroom and trying it out. Motorbikes are different from any other personal-transport experience, especially the powerful ones. The freedom and excitement of sitting on a rocket with wheels is something to savour. If you work towards your dreams, we can assist in making them a reality.


Our secure online platform helps you apply for a loan more efficiently. Our experience in the field of motorbike finance comes from years of active involvement in the industry. Therefore, we can offer you a refreshingly efficient experience. By securing your motorbike finance before you go shopping, the worries of overextending yourself or being declined once you have found the perfect bike are gone. Now that you have secured financing, you know the price bracket in which you can go shopping for that dream motorbike.


If you love the open road, a cruiser is a great choice. They offer a relaxed riding position with extended handles to easily control the bike. However, if you love power and acceleration, you want a superbike. Motorbike finance can make this a possibility. By knowing the numbers beforehand, you can browse within a specific price range for the ideal bike to fit your lifestyle and affordability profile. Whether you prefer a Japanese superbike, a European tourer, or an American cruiser, getting your finances in order will be a vital and smart first step.


The world of financing can become complicated and very exhausting if you are uninformed and at a loss where to start. BIB Finance has actively been involved in motorbike, vehicle, caravan, and leisure finance for years. Let our experience and expertise work to your benefit when securing a loan for your dream bike. For more information on how we can assist in helping you get that motorcycle, please contact us with any enquiries. Choose us as your solution to leisure financing and have the freedom of shopping for your dream car or bike without having to worry about loan approval once you find it.