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Having to hunt for motorbike finance certainly dampens the excitement of finding your dream motorbike. We can bring the excitement back by getting you approved before the shopping begins.


Motorbike Finance for Your Dream Bike

We all have dreams and ambitions. Some people want to get married and start a family, while others want to be successful in their careers. If you are a petrolhead, chances are that you want a specific car or motorbike standing in your garage and ready for action. Finance is the biggest hurdle to cross when it comes to vehicle purchases in South Africa. All the major financial service providers (FSPs) in this country offer various financing products and options for purchasing vehicles. The process involves applying for the loan and getting approved for a specific amount for which you can buy. We offer these and all the related services to make your dream come true when looking to buy the ride of your dreams.

BIB Finance is aligned with all the FSPs in South Africa. They include Absa, MFC, Standard Bank, and WesBank. Our services revolve around getting your loan approved before you go shopping for your dream motorbike. In this way, you already know in which price bracket you can browse and how much you can afford to spend. This prevents disappointment when sitting at a dealership and waiting for such a loan to be approved, only to hear that the amount is too high and the loan is declined. We will find the best possible deals for which you can be preapproved, even before walking into the dealership. As a result, you can enjoy the freedom of browsing within your approved price bracket, avoiding disappointment when you find the ideal steed.

Cruisers, Scramblers, and Superbikes

There is a vast variety of motorbikes to choose from. Some people dream of a Vespa for city riding. These scooters are famous across the world with their unique design that is both iconic and unmistakeable. Others prefer a cruiser for the open road. Harley Davidson is a famous manufacturer with a cult following because of the quality and distinctive style their bikes offer their owners. Scramblers are made for gravel roads, where flying through the air and traversing tricky trails are the name of the game. With a wide selection of manufacturers offering scramblers, you can pick your favourite. No matter the type of motorbike you wish to buy, we can assist in having finance approved beforehand to ensure that you can enjoy your shopping experience.

Moving on to the bigger motorbikes, we find a selection of manufacturers with different models to choose from. If you like the power and acceleration that can never be obtained from the family hatchback, these are for you. Depending on what type suits you, your choices are almost endless. Another factor to consider when buying a motorbike is your abilities. You should be adept at handling a bike and completing a professional rider’s course is a great idea. There are many of these courses around nowadays and they are ideal to teach riders defensive riding techniques, how to handle the motorcycle in an emergency, and other tips and tricks for being safer on the road. Of course, you want similarly tailored finance options too when you buy. And that is what we provide.

Once the financing is taken care of and you are aware of which type of motorbike you can afford, the puzzle pieces will start to fall into place. As we’ve mentioned before, you may only want a scooter for city riding and/or commuting. However, for the open road, you need more power, weight, and stability afforded by the big bikes These bikes are normally longer and heavier to compensate for the larger engine, fuel tank, and chassis. They also require that the rider is more alert because they get up to speed much faster than a car. But, if you know what you are doing, they will certainly be the most rewarding choices for the enthusiast.

Having to hunt for finance certainly dampens the excitement of finding your dream motorbike. We can bring the excitement back by getting you approved before the shopping begins, so you have the freedom to browse within the price bracket that you know you can afford, instead of stressing while waiting for approval at a dealership. BIB Finance can make your dreams come true, with options for motorbike, car, and leisure finance at the major FSPs in South Africa. For more on how we can help you realise your dreams, contact us today.