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Secure Asset Finance

BIB Asset Vehicle Finance is your solution when you want to buy a leisure asset in the form of a car, bike, or caravan. Contact us to get you started.

Vehicle Finance To Ease Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Vehicle finance plays a big role when buying a car. Because high car prices, it can be difficult when it comes to affording one. Here's how we can help.

Simplified Finance For Your Next Motorcycle Purchase

BIB Finance is your first choice when you want to secure a loan for buying a new motorcycle, car, or caravan. For more information, please get in contact with us.

Securing Your Car Finance

If you are considering buying a new vehicle at this time, we can assist in securing the best possible car finance options from the FSPs in South Africa.

Smarter Vehicle Finance

If you want to get smart about your next vehicle purchase, choose BIB Finance to secure your vehicle finance beforehand.

Great Rates For Asset Finance

Asset finance is a specialised lending service that enables eligible clients to buy various assets. So, where do you begin?

Easily Finance A Car

We can deliver the options to finance a car and calculate your affordability, so you know your price bracket.

Go Shopping with Secure Motorcycle Finance

If you want to buy a new motorcycle, our solutions can assist you to secure finance with a major financial-services provider (FSP) in South Africa.

We Can Assist in Refinancing Your Vehicle Loan

Refinancing a car is a similar process to when you applied for the original loan to buy your vehicle. BIB Finance can assist.

The Benefits of Refinancing Your Car Loan

We are your partner for vehicle loans and refinancing a car. We can assist in securing a loan beforehand.

Simplifying the Process of Securing A Vehicle Finance

Whatever you choose, our finance services is the smart move when you want to buy a car, regardless of which make or model you opt for.

Finance Your Bike Purchase Before You Go Shopping

BIB Finance is your solution to securing loans with a major FSP if you want to buy a bike or a car.

Current Vehicle Loan Refinancing

When refinancing a car, you extend the repayment period and will, therefore, no longer pay off the car in the period you once would have. 

Your Dream Bike Finance

Bike finance is usually cheaper than securing a car loan, simply because the average motorcycle is cheaper than the average car.

Vehicle Finance

When applying for vehicle finance through us, we use the information you provide to find the most appropriate and affordable option for you.

We Can Help You Refinance Your Car

BIB Finance offers a sensible approach to vehicle loans and refinancing a car with the major FSPs in South Africa. 

Get Your Dream Bike Finance

Applying for bike finance has never been as easy as it is with us. We will give you the most suitable options from the different FSPs in South Africa.

The Ideal Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance is something that most South Africans will have to deal with when they want to buy their own set of wheels. We turn this process around.

Refinancing Your Car

Choose BIB Finance today for all your vehicle-loan solutions. We can also assist if you want to refinance your car to give you some breathing room on our monthly budget. 

Your Dream Bike Finance

BIB Finance is your answer if you want to finance the bike of your dreams. We offer solutions that secure vehicle loans with all the major FSPs beforehand.

Financing Cars In SA: How to

BIB Finance is your solution to securing loans if you want to finance cars in South Africa. We work with the major FSPs to give you competitive terms and interest rates. 

Your dream motorbike financing

Having to hunt for motorbike finance certainly dampens the excitement of finding your dream motorbike. We can bring the excitement back by getting you approved before the shopping begins.

Finance for your dream car.

By getting your loan approved beforehand, you need not worry about vehicle finance when browsing the models at a dealership. 

Bring back the fun by financing the perfect car.

By choosing BIB Finance to get approval on car finance beforehand, you can set your expectations accordingly and go shop for the ideal vehicle in that price bracket. 

Affordable Motorbike Finance

By taking care of your motorbike finance beforehand, you will know exactly how much money you can spend on your dream ride. 

Finance the Wheels you want.

With us assisting in your application for vehicle finance, you can get the car that suits your taste, preferences, and budget. We can help you get approved before walking into the dealership and shopping for your new car.

Car Finance Made Easy

BIB Finance delivers solutions for car loans that easily fits your lifestyle and income. For more information on how we can help, please contact us.