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Refinancing Your Car

Choose BIB Finance today for all your vehicle-loan solutions. We can also assist if you want to refinance your car to give you some breathing room on our monthly budget. 

Your Dream Bike Finance

BIB Finance is your answer if you want to finance the bike of your dreams. We offer solutions that secure vehicle loans with all the major FSPs beforehand.

Financing Cars In SA: How to

BIB Finance is your solution to securing loans if you want to finance cars in South Africa. We work with the major FSPs to give you competitive terms and interest rates. 

Your dream motorbike financing

Having to hunt for motorbike finance certainly dampens the excitement of finding your dream motorbike. We can bring the excitement back by getting you approved before the shopping begins.

Finance for your dream car.

By getting your loan approved beforehand, you need not worry about vehicle finance when browsing the models at a dealership. 

Bring back the fun by financing the perfect car.

By choosing BIB Finance to get approval on car finance beforehand, you can set your expectations accordingly and go shop for the ideal vehicle in that price bracket. 

Affordable Motorbike Finance

By taking care of your motorbike finance beforehand, you will know exactly how much money you can spend on your dream ride. 

Finance the Wheels you want.

With us assisting in your application for vehicle finance, you can get the car that suits your taste, preferences, and budget. We can help you get approved before walking into the dealership and shopping for your new car.

Car Finance Made Easy

BIB Finance delivers solutions for car loans that easily fits your lifestyle and income. For more information on how we can help, please contact us. 

Your Dream Bike - Financed

Our experience in the field of motorbike finance comes from years of active involvement in the industry. Therefore, we can offer you a refreshingly efficient experience.

Securing Caravan Finance

BIB Finance makes life easier for people struggling to get decent car, bike, caravan, or leisure finance. Our solutions can ease the process of shopping for your dream toys.

Pursue Your Dreams With Leisure Finance

Leisure finance caters to people who want something different in life. At BIB Finance, we can assist in securing you a loan that you can afford and suits your lifestyle.

Motorbike Finance the Easy Way

We have a secure online platform that allows you to apply for motorbike finance in the comfort of your own home. We represent the major finance providers in South Africa, including ABSA, Standard Bank, MFC, and WesBank, which allows us to offer suitably competitive deals to our clients. 

Leisure Finance & Your Dreams

We have a specialist team with the negotiating power to get the best rates for you in recreational and leisure finance. With our help, you can finally get the leisure-finance deal you deserve. 

Bike Finance 101

Obtaining bike finance is a daunting prospect to many, but a pleasant opportunity for most. Buying a new motorbike is a dream come true for most bike fans, and with BIB Finance, you can rest assured that we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Finding the Right Motorbike Finance

If you are looking for honest and no-frills motorbike finance that will not cost you the earth, BIB Finance are always on standby to help you to pay for your dream bike!

Budget Friendly Bike Finance

One of the greatest favours you can do yourself is to do proper research on the companies that provide bike finance. 

Motor Vehicle Finance Pitalls

The most important part of obtaining motor vehicle finance is that you know exactly what you are getting, what you are paying for, how much you are paying, and for how long. There should be no surprise expenses and all the fine print should be explained to you.

Risk-Free Motorbike Finance

If you want to purchase a motorcycle and need motorbike finance at decent rates from a company that you can trust, BIB Finance can help! 

Ask BIB for Private Car Finance

We are impartial, thorough, and professional when it comes to all the types of financing we offer. We have various financing options, which include private car finance and financing for motorbikes, boats, and caravans. 

Reasons to Choose Car Refinance

Car refinance basically means that the outstanding amount on a current vehicle loan is financed afresh with a new finance loan that is structured differently. There are a few reasons why people choose car refinance and these include the following:

Motorbike Financing

If you are looking for excellent motorbike finance, BIB Finance can provide you with all the advice you need.

Private Car Financing

If you are looking for private car finance that you can rely on for transparency and reasonable interest rates, contact our team at BIB Finance. 

Car Refinancing

Car refinance usually becomes necessary to refinance an outstanding amount on a car that has already aged a few years and lost a lot of value. 

Best Car Finance For You

If you are looking for a new vehicle, boat, motorbike, or caravan, contact our team at BIB Finance! We are always willing to work with you to find the best car finance that will suit your budget.

Tips on Vehicle Finance

With us, you can feel secure with your purchase and vehicle finance, because there will be no nasty surprises further along the road. 

Reliable Bike Finance

If you are looking for bike finance, or just finance for your car, boat, or caravan, BIB Finance can help.