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Want to Refinance Your Car

Want to Refinance Your Car? Here is What You Should Know Before You Do

If you acquired finance to buy your current car and think that you are now stuck with it until the loan is paid off in full, think again, because you are not.

Car Refinance Rates

Enjoy Lower Car Refinance Rates with The Help of BIB Finance

If you’re feeling the pinch at the end of each month, it’s time to take action. If only it was as easy as rearranging your financial obligations!

Car Finance Application Online

Complete A Quick and Easy Car Finance Application Online with BIB Finance

Buying a new car is often a process fraught with frustration and stress. Searching for the right car and going on test drives is the fun part.

Apply for Car Finance Today

Apply for Car Finance Today and Get the Car That You Want and Need!

If you thought that 2017 was a great year for the introduction of some interesting new cars, think again, because 2018 seems to be proving itself the most exciting year yet for new models of cars to hit the South African market.

Private Car Finance Gauteng

How to Acquire Private Car Finance in Gauteng

When buying a new car, the stress of financing can hinder the entire process. What if you cannot get the money together for the new car, or what if you are rejected when you apply for a car loan?

In Need of Vehicle Finance

Are You in Need of Vehicle Finance? Apply Quickly & Easily Online

If you are in need of vehicle finance, you have come to just the right place. At BIB Finance, we offer vehicle finance that is designed to suit your specific needs.

Refinance My Car

Can I Refinance My Car to Cut Back on Expenses?

If you are wondering where and how you can refinance your car, you are not the only one. Thousands of people refinance their cars at some point during their finance contract and so can you.

Motorcycle Financing South Africa

Obtain Quick and Easy Motorcycle Financing in South Africa

Do you need to buy a new bike, but do not have enough cash to do so? What about financing?

Refinance FAQ

Refinance Your Vehicle with the Help of BIB Finance

Feeling the pinch at the end of the month? Unfortunately, as prices rise, salaries do not necessarily follow suit, so it is important to budget carefully and take advantage of any money-saving opportunities.

Car Finance Advise

Essential Car Finance Advice For First-Time Vehicle Buyers in South Africa

Buying a new or pre-owned vehicle is exciting, especially if it is your first vehicle. In most instances, you will require financing, unless you buy a vehicle that costs less than R45 000.

How to Refinance My Car and Requirements

Here's How to Refinance My Car

When finances get start to become a little tight, many people may be thinking about ways to rid their lives of their biggest expenses. One of the biggest expenses most people have is that of monthly vehicle instalments.

Do You Need Vehicle Finance

Do You Need Vehicle Finance? Apply Online Today

Do you need vehicle finance? You have come to the right place! Buying a car is a big financial commitment.

Refinance Your Vehicle

Refinance Your Vehicle with the Help of BIB Finance

Feeling the pinch at the end of the month? Unfortunately, as prices rise, salaries do not necessarily follow suit, so it is important to budget carefully and take advantage of any money-saving opportunities.

Leisure Finance

Get Leisure Finance and Buy That Boat, Off-Road Bike You Have Always Wanted

When people think about finance, they often think that it is mostly for purchasing a car or a business asset, but you can acquire finance for many other things as well.

Refinance Your Vehicle and Save

Budget Getting a Bit Tight? Refinance Your Vehicle and Save

If your monthly expenses are cramping your lifestyle, it is time to cut back. Taking a look at your monthly budget will probably make you aware that your car’s monthly instalment is one of your biggest expenses.

Apply for Private Finance

Apply for Private Finance to Buy a New Car

If you are tired of driving an old car, but do not have access to cash to buy a new one, you will need to apply for a car loan. Vehicle loans provide drivers with the opportunity to get the car they want, but it is not always been too convenient.

Car Finance to Suit Your Needs

Car Finance That Is Designed to Suit Your Needs

Have you noticed how car finance deals always seem to be structured to suit the needs of the loan company or financial institution and not the needs of the consumer? Many people believe that easy or simple car finance is a myth, but we know a secret.

Apply for Vehicle Refinance

Apply for Vehicle Refinance with The Help of BIB Finance

If you are currently sharpening your financial pencil and looking for ways to reduce your monthly spend, then taking a closer look at the cost of your vehicle each month is a good place to start.

Motorcycle Financing

Apply for Motorcycle Financing Online at BIB Finance

A motorcycle offers the freedom of the open road, the wind in your hair, and the ability to let yourself go and be closer to nature, while you get to where you need to be in the process.

Finance Cars

BIB Finance Provides Simple and Affordable Finance for Cars with Leading South African Banks

Buying a new car is an exciting process and one to be enjoyed. People who are finding the process of buying cars stressful perhaps need the help of a professional finance team.

Motorbike Finance South Africa

Apply for Motorbike Finance in South Africa Online with BIB Finance

At BIB Finance, we fully understand that you might be craving the freedom of taking to the open road with the wind in your face. In fact, living in a beautiful country like South Africa, there is every reason to want to enjoy it by motorbike, but first you have to buy the bike.

Car Finance

Car Finance Deals Made Simple – What You Need to Know About Car Finance

When it is time to buy a new car, the process can be overwhelming. Finding a car that suits your preferences, needs, and budget might seem like a tall order, but it does not have to be.

Refinancing a Car

Refinancing a Car with the Help of BIB Finance

Monthly expenses can mount and before you know it, you could find yourself struggling under the burden of all of your financial commitments. Do not feel alone, because it happens to many people.

Private Car Finance

Want to Buy Your Next Car from a Private Seller? Be Informed About Private Car Finance

Buying a new car can be challenging and in many instances, you can save quite a bit if you opt to buy a car from a private seller. There is more leeway for negotiation and the buyer will not be quite as inclined as a dealership to add a hefty profit margin.

Vehicle Refinance

Alleviate Budget Stress and Strain with Vehicle Refinance

If you are starting to feel the pinch of high expenses each month, it is probably time to think about cutting back on some of them. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reduce some of the fixed expenses and this can leave you feeling desperate and unsure of what to do. One great way to cut back on your financial responsibilities is to think about getting a smaller car.

Bike Finance

Getting Bike Finance Online Quickly and Easily

Nothing can quite compare to hitting the open road and heading to a brand-new spot – or an existing favourite – with gorgeous scenery along the way. If this is why you are interested in getting bike finance, do not worry, we understand!

Motor Vehicle Finance

How Motor Vehicle Finance Works at BIB Finance

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding the car that you want, but being unable to get finance for the full amount. Even worse is finding the right car and being unable to get any finance to buy it at all. Motor vehicle finance can be a frustrating at best and soul-destroying at worst.