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Lower Monthly Payments With Refinancing

Reduce your current monthly payment, reduce the interest, or a combination of both by refinancing your existing car loan. With BIB Finance, you can quickly start the process with our, secure online application.

Who Can Qualify?

The most important factors that BIB Finance and the SA Financial Institutions looks at when reviewing applications are:

  • Your payment performance on existing loans
  • Ratios of your total debt to income
Everyone’s credit situation is unique, so BIB Finance cannot guarantee whether you will qualify. However, if you have recently been making your repayments on time, you’re more likely to qualify, and we will review and submit your application.

Not sure about the conditions & terms stipulated in your current car loan?

We are here to assist you. By terms, we refer to the monthly payment, interest rate, and your settlement amount. It is important that you understand the details of your existing car loan, that way you can compare it to a refinance loan offer.

Has your credit situation improved within the last six months?

Given your credit score has improved and your repayments on the existing loans for the past 6 months were made, then you stand a good chance of approval at your best available rate.

Easily Refinance Your Current Car Loan

Apply - Get a decision - Submit your documents - BIB Finance pays off your existing loan