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Acquiring a leisure asset is an exciting experience

BIB Finance provides you with expert advise and services. We are in the business of assisting caravan, boating and camping enthusiasts to become owners of their dreams, with structured terms, rates and repayments that suit their lifestlyes.

Keeping the process simple

We work closely with all major SA finance institutions, we then tailor your finance to meet your needs. Irrespective of the deposit you have saved or not, if you’re looking for a shorter or longer repayment term, BIB Finance ensures that you are protected every step of the way to enjoying your leisure time.

No need to start with standing and waiting in queues, worrying about the documentation and insurance, we take care of the entire process from start to finish. We work hard at negotiating the best available rate for you.

The saying goes, "Life is about the journey, not the destination…", we say, allow BIB Finance to make the finance journey as simple as possible.